Top Shots

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Mvc-001f.jpg (34559 bytes) 1,370 mph on the Concorde--4/11/00 More Info. from 4/11/00
Mvc-003f.jpg (40156 bytes) Cape Town and Table Mountain from the air--4/14/00 More Info. from 4/14/00
Mvc-013f.jpg (63962 bytes) Vicky on Table Mountain above Cape Town--4/15/00 More Photos from 4/15/00
Mvc-054f.jpg (66328 bytes) Penguins near Simon's Town--4/16/00 More Photos from 4/16/00
Mvc-087f.jpg (65607 bytes) Vicky in the pen with the cheetah--4/17/00 More Photos from 4/17/00
Mvc-119f.jpg (59181 bytes) Vicky with a kiss from Linda, the ostrich--4/19/00 More Photos from 4/19/00
Mvc-122f.jpg (71020 bytes) Vicky rides the ostrich--an exciting fifteen seconds--4/19/00 More Photos from 4/19/00
Mvc-123f.jpg (81486 bytes) Standing on ostrich eggs--4/19/00 More Photos from 4/19/00
Mvc-164f.jpg (80031 bytes) The world's tallest bungee jump--709 feet-4/20/00 More Photos from 4/20/00
Mvc-187f.jpg (86585 bytes) Elephant--MalaMala--4/21/00 More Photos from 4/21/00
Mvc-196f.jpg (46745 bytes) Cape Buffalo herd-MalaMala-4/21/00 More Photos from 4/21/00
Mvc-216f.jpg (71903 bytes) Leopard--MalaMala-4/22/00 More Photos from 4/22/00
Mvc-226f.jpg (77369 bytes) Rhinoceros--MalaMala--4/22/00 More Photos from 4/22/00
Mvc-233f.jpg (90116 bytes) Lions--MalaMala--4/22/00 More Photos from 4/22/00
Mvc-273f.jpg (87356 bytes) Sun City--4/23/00 More Photos from 4/23/00
Mvc-310f.jpg (39624 bytes) Victoria Falls--4/26/00 More Photos from 4/26/00
Mvc-327f.jpg (36643 bytes) Zambezi River sunset--4/26/00 More Photos from 4/26/00
Mvc-332f.jpg (34226 bytes) Victoria Falls Hotel vista--4/27/00 More Photos from 4/27/00
Mvc-374f.jpg (64450 bytes) Union Buildings grounds--Pretoria--4/29/00 More Photos from 4/29/00

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