April 19 Photos

Garden Route-Day Two

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These photos were taken at Fancourt shortly after sunrise.  It is one of the leading golf resorts in South Africa, boasting two 36 hole golf courses and a gardening staff of over 600.  Our suite villa is shown in the third picture at the top.  Taking a walk at that hour of the morning, one hears a beautiful variety of birds, for which the location is also famous.

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From Fancourt, we proceeded to the ostrich farm where we first saw baby ostriches (first picture).  Then, Vicky and the Linda, the ostrich, kissed several times as Linda took a corn kernel out of Vicky's lips (very hard to get that picture).  Then came the famous ostrich ride--it was a very exciting fifteen seconds.  Later, Vicky tried standing on the ostrich eggs--with the right underlying surface, this is possible.  However, if the eggs break, they say the stench is so awful, you will throw your shoes away.

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Next, we proceeded to the Cango Caves, first discovered in 1780.  We visited six chambers in the caves, the largest of which is 350 feet long and 52 feet high.

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