April 21 Photos

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MalaMala Game Reserve

Afternoon drive

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In MalaMala, we went on two main game drives per day, one leaving about 6 AM and the other about 4 PM.  Each lasted 3-4 hours.  The last 60-90 minutes of the afternoon drive were in the dark. A great variety of animals and birds were seen during the drives.  In the photos above, note the bird eating the flesh of the tortoise and the large herd of Cape Buffalo that we drove into (probably over 100 buffalo).  Our ranger, Ralph, pointed out a few chameleons in the evenings.  Each drive utilized a large Land Rover which seemed indestructible, since it was routinely driven through brush, small trees and rivers.  From four to seven guests were in the vehicle along with a ranger (with a rifle) and a tracker.  We stayed at Harry's Camp, an enclave of thirteen cabins, and one of the three camps at MalaMala.

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