April 22 Photos

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Morning drive

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Highlights of this drive were the lion and leopard spottings.  Of the Big Five that game reserve visitors always try to spot, leopards are probably the most difficult to find.  The Big Five consist of the lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard and elephant.  All can be seen in the photos from MalaMala.

A photo of our group from day one.  Guests typically fly in and out of the area during the late morning and usually stay a couple of days.  All of this group (except for us) was leaving this day after the morning game drive.  The group included a couple from Connecticut that had just been on a three month cruise, a doctor and his wife from Ft. Lauderdale (they knew Cecil) and a Belgian college professor.  For the next day, our group consisted of only one other couple--an English/French couple.  The husband was a senior film producer and had just completed work on the new Kim Basinger film, "I Dreamed of Africa."  Our ranger, Ralph, who was also the camp manager and our tracker, Santos, are in the photo.

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