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Considered one of the Wonders of the Natural World, Victoria Falls is justifiably called "the smoke that thunders."  These are the largest falls in the world, spanning over one mile and dropping 328 feet (twice the height of Niagara).  As we walked through Victoria Falls National Park on the way to the Falls, we passed the statue of Livingstone who discovered the Falls in 1855 and named them after Queen Victoria.  Despite being equipped with raincoats and umbrellas, we were thoroughly soaked when we left the viewing area.

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The famous Victoria Falls Bridge crosses the Zambezi River at the  Batoka Gorge between Zimbabwe and Zambia.  The bridge is used by autos, trains and pedestrians.  It has a more famous bungee jump than the one described earlier but is not nearly as high (364 feet).  This jump drops one about 30 feet above the river.  Our guide for the Falls viewing said he had tried it once.  The jump operators counted to five and he was supposed to jump but he was too afraid so they gave him a little push.  Over 50,000 people have made the jump.

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On the way back to the hotel after viewing the Falls, we stopped at this 1,800 year old tree and, down the road, noted an elephant visitor.

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