April 16 Photos

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Views of Table Mountain from Milnerton.

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The Rhodes Memorial, a monument to Cecil Rhodes.  Rhodes made his fortune in S. African diamonds and had imperialistic designs on most of Africa. He "owned" Rhodesia (Zimbabwe-- where we later stopped at Victoria Falls) and also donated the land for the garden below.

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Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, a beautiful spot for observing  S. Africa's thousands of plant species.

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The Groot Constantia farm, the original S. African winery.  It is an excellent example of Cape Dutch architecture.

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Simon's Town, home to the S. African navy and a picturesque place, similar to Hamilton, Bermuda.  The dog statue (called "Just Nuisance") is for a beloved canine, who made sure drunken sailors on leave, got back on the train on time to return to duty.

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Near Simon's Town, there is a colony of about 2,300 jackass penguins--not something you expect to see in Africa.

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On the road into the Cape of Good Hope, we spotted antelope in the distance and many baboons on the road.  On a previous visit, our guide was having lunch with a woman on tour when one of the baboons jumped from the roof onto their table.  He acted like the woman handled it better than he did.

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We skipped the funicular to the top and decided to walk to the upper station of Cape Point at the Cape of Good Hope.  This was probably a mistake since a gale arrived midway through the journey.  When we got to the top, we could see only what you see in the last picture and it was really windy.  Now we know why Bartolomeu Dias named it the Cape of Storms in 1488.  Supposedly, this is the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet but actually it is over one hundred miles east of this venue.

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