Wyoming--May 15, 2007


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Leaving in the morning, it took two hours to exit Yellowstone to the east.  After leaving, the country was relatively flat but later became very mountainous with spectacular scenery.  Driving here was challenging requiring alertness at all times.  Eventually, the landscape changed again back to relatively flat country near Sheridan, Wyoming. 

After a brief stop in Sheridan in the late afternoon, it was out to the Ranch at Ucross to overnight.  This was no easy task since on the thirty mile drive to Ucross, after about ten miles the paved road completely disappeared and construction equipment plowed the road ahead for another ten miles as convoys of vehicles followed them on the one lane "road."  This was not the type of road a passenger car should be on (much less a rented auto).  Eventually, the paved road returned and the ranch was reached ten miles later (see next day for ranch photos).

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