Ranch at Ucross-Rapid City-Mt. Rushmore--May 15-16, 2007


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The Ranch at Ucross was a very restful, beautiful place and not busy at this time of year.  After a brief horseback ride in the morning, it was back on the road to the final venue of the trip.  Rapid City, SD was reached in time for lunch and the historic area in the downtown was surprisingly sophisticated and upscale.  After an excellent lunch at one of its restaurants, it was off to Mt. Rushmore.  The plan was to view the Memorial in the daytime (late afternoon) and then return in the evening to see the Memorial at night.  This time of year the Memorial is not overly crowded but it must be oppressively so in the summer.  In any event the plan to see the Memorial in daylight and nighttime worked out well.  The only challenge afterwards was to get back down the Mt. Rushmore mountain in the dark for the thirty mile drive to Rapid City.

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