Cape Canaveral, Florida

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Cape Canaveral


Entrance to Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle Assembly Building, one of the world's largest buildings--about 36 stories tall.  Rocket sub-assemblies are put together here.  To give an idea of the scale, the American flag on the side of the building is the same size as an NBA basketball court.
Crawler Transporter that delivers rockets from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad.
LC-39A, the launch pad where the Space Shuttle is launched.
Actual control room where the excitement of a past moon launch is recreated for visitors.
Apollo/Saturn V Rocket Center where one gets a feel for the scale of these huge rockets.  The launch of one of these is equivalent to the explosive power of an atomic bomb.
Lunar Lander
Simulation of a moon landing.
Shuttle payload bay, cockpit and exterior view.

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