Disney Animal Kingdom/Orlando, Florida

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Disney's Animal Kingdom is the newest theme park at Disney World in Orlando.  Designed largely to recreate Africa and to a more limited extent, Asia, the area consists of the Animal Kingdom and its primary hotel, the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The Animal Kingdom Lodge is unique in that most rooms have balconies, overlooking one of three savannahs.  A variety of animals wonder up close to the balconies--cameras click away and children love it.  Although obviously this is Florida and Disney World, the experience is quite realistic compared to Africa.


These pictures were shot from the room balcony showing the great variety of animals nearby--the view constantly changes during the day although it is best in the early morning and evening.  It is hard to tear oneself away from the view while in the rooms.
The hotel also has savanna overlooks from which visitors not staying at the hotel can view the wildlife.  These shots were taken from one of the overlooks.
Views of the exterior of the hotel taken from one of the overlooks.  These views show how close the animals come to the Lodge.
More views from one of the overlooks.  On the savannahs, one can see Ankole cattle, Bongos, Blesbok, Eland, Gemsbok, Zebras, Kudu, Impala, Giraffes, Gazelles, Waterbucks and Wildebeest.  Birds include Hornbills, Cranes, Flamingos, Storks, Ostriches, Pelicans and Vultures.  Other animals like elephants, lions and tigers are in the Animal Kingdom theme park, readily visible on a realistic safari ride or in Asian ruins.  200 varieties of African animals are in African section of the park.
Hotel corridors to the rooms are meandering interior pathways named after various animals (e.g., Zebra Trail).  After every ten rooms or so, the corridor is glass on both sides, enabling one to look out into the savannahs--this was truly the most interesting walk to the hotel rooms ever experienced.
Views of the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The center photo shows a huge African mask called Igbo Ijele (pronounced e-bo e-gelay).  The mask is 16 feet tall by 8 feet wide.  The mask only makes an appearance in its African homeland on rare, special occasions.  No other mask of this type exists outside its native Africa.


More views from the room balcony.

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