Francisco Montaña-1967-1970


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1967  Graduation Day for Edgar at Christopher Columbus High School.

1967  Lauren, born just a year ago on June 30th at Columbia Women's Hospital in Washington, DC,  throws toys on the floor - I'm good at this, she seems to say.

1967  Lauren shows the family pooch how easy it is to "shake!"

1968  Lisa Cristina, also born in Washington, DC on April 21, enjoying the sunshine in the patio at Mimi and Papi's (as the grandkids called Mom and Dad) at 907 Valencia.

1968  Another view of Lisa, smiling for the camera.

1968  A  classic clown riding in one of the floats in the Coral Gables Junior Orange Bowl Parade, always a holiday tradition in December.  It's Constanza!

1968  Mom, Victoria and Constanza, in her uniform from Carrollton Convent of the Sacred Heart in Coconut Grove. Constanza was an outstanding student, receiving many honors. 

1968  Let's jump in!  It's only the leftover soapy water in the doggie's bathtub.  Mom, in the top LH corner, takes care of her plants.

1968  Mom, a family friend and Constanza leaving Sunday Mass, front entrance to St. Theresa, Church of the Little Flower in Coral Gables.

1968  Aura and Paco always complemented each other. They're in the living room at 907 Valencia ready for a big night out on the town.

1968  Lauren and her buddy, make sure Mauricio wakes up early.

1968  Constanza, at 13, looks to be a happy camper.

1969    Lisa, Cristina and Lauren all set to take on the cold weather.  At the time, their home was in Kensington, Maryland.

1969  A peaceful scene with Constanza and Mom's crèche at 907 Valencia.

1970  Victoria, 2nd from right, arrives in Managua. At the airport, several Nicaraguan bankers and officials welcome us.  She traveled with her boss Dick Knight as part of the U.S. delegation to several Inter-American Savings and Loan Conferences held in Latin America. 

1970  Papi made sure he spent lots of time with the grandkids.  Giddy-up!

   1970  Carolyn Victoria Heissner born on March 22nd in Miami can already read the Miami Herald!  Amazing!

1970  Yippee!!  Cowgirl Lauren shows Papi she can ride a pony, and wave her hat at the same time.

1970  Pacho and first born son, Francisco, "Kiko" in the backyard at Mimi and Papi's. Kiko was born in Miami, November 5, 1970.

1970  Now it's Danny's turn to graduate from Christopher Columbus High School.  At the time, this was an all-boys school, but both Edgar and Danny enjoyed being taught by the Salesian Brothers.

1970  Danny's yearbook picture as a graduating senior.


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