Francisco Montaña-1970-1973


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1970  At the Country Club of Coral Gables, Aura models an elegant evening ensemble during the holiday fashion show.

1970  It's Christmas morning! Pacho likes his gift.  Kiko rocks away in his new chair. Constanza, Mauricio and Edgar in a ho-hum mood.


1970  Rosario keeps an eye on son, Kiko, who is redecorating the Christmas tree.

1971  Back to Europe - Dad, Lesley Jones, a friend of Constanza's who came with us, and Mauricio take a short break in Madrid.

1971  Mom, Victoria and Constanza, in front of the famous palace, El Escorial. We traveled through Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

1971  Victoria takes a bumpy camel ride near Marrakesh.

1971 Mom,  in Morocco, during a visit to one of various stately residences, dating back to the middle ages.  The intricate tiles are a work of art.

1971  The couscous was excellent in this cozy Rabat casbah.  L-R:  Dad, (side profile), Mauricio, two friends we met on tour, Constanza, Lesley and others.

1971  Cristina with her threesome dressed in their best smiles.

1971  Four generations in one dining room prepare to celebrate Carolyn's first birthday.  L-R: Great Grandmother Alejandrina Mejia, Aura, Cristina and Carolyn peeking over the table next to Mom.

1972  Mom, a gifted craftsman in sewing and other needle arts, also found time to do amazing macramé pieces such as this one, which won First Place. Note blue ribbon top right.  While living in Bogotá on Calle 54, she made long twine curtains for Dad's study. Other articles included dresses, stoles, dressy tops, belts, hats and decorative ladies neckwear. She taught macramé to a group at St. Theresa's Little Flower parish.

1972  Kiko, about 18 months, with a sweet Buster Brown haircut.

1972  Mom and Dad in the backyard at 907 Valencia with Lisa, Carolyn, Kiko and Lauren after an Easter egg hunt.

1972  Danny, showing his stylish look, and great hair!  Cool! 

1972  Cristina and Victoria had a wonderful time in Mexico City and visited several  smaller towns, including Puerto Vallarta where Victoria on a paraglider around the bay, enjoyed incredible views.  Taking off from the beach,  a speedboat races off pulling on a rope attached to the glider. This creates a wind lift which takes you up to 60 feet. Cristina and friend watch the beach landing.  A thrilling ride...

1972  Constanza and presidential candidate George McGovern.  She put in a lot of hours in his campaign, but likewise, relished the political forays and discussions.

1973  Lauren in her St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School uniform.

1973  Lisa also attended St. Stephen's.

1973  Mauricio, Mom and Dad on a whirlwind tour of Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Texas and Missouri.

1973  Mom and Dad standing in front of the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City.

1973  The three travelers enjoy the desert views near New Mexico.

1973 Danny running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  Danny is in the left foreground, long hair with rolled up newspaper in right hand.


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