Jaipur--December 4, 2006--Amber Fort, City Palace, Crafts Market, Jantar Mantar, Palace of Winds



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Most of the commentary for this day is part of the slide show.  We did, however, have a funny experience on the elephant ride up to the Amber Fort.  As is common at tourist sites in India, the approach of tourists brings out many vendors, all of whom hawk their wares, sometimes aggressively, to the visitors.  In the morning as we were arriving at the Fort, a particularly insistent man selling beautiful puppets made it his mission to try to sell us some puppets.  We engaged for a time in negotiation but did not feel he budged as much as we had in mind.  It was finally time to ride the elephant so we got on the elephant but the salesman would not give up.  He followed us all the way up the hill for twenty minutes at the feet of the elephant.  After awhile, sensing that he was not making much progress on the sale, he started throwing puppets from ground level to us at the top of the elephant.  We would promptly throw the puppets back to him.  In the end, we never did agree on the price (and we later found similar puppets elsewhere for less) but we have to commend him for his persistence.

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