Agra--December 2, 2006--Taj Mahal, Agra Fort



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Today, we viewed what for most persons is a highlight of a trip to India--the Taj Mahal.  It is everything one has been led to believe and then some.  The monument almost takes your breath away the first time you see it.  Even the guides, who must get sort of jaded about the commentary they give over and over, showed great enthusiasm and fondness for the Taj Mahal.

After the day's touring, we planned to go to church on Saturday evening at a mission run by the Missionaries of Charity, the nuns of Mother Teresa.  After church, we toured their orphanage next door, where they care for a multitude of young toddlers.  Child after child ran up to us and wanted to be picked up--it was sad to see so many but we formed new admiration for the good work that these nuns do in India and elsewhere.

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