Varanasi-Khajuraho--November 29, 2006--The Ganges at Dawn



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Even if you are not a Hindu, it is almost a mystical experience to float on the Ganges as dawn arrives and see the bathing activities of the pilgrims and the cremations of the dead. To quote a Fodor's guidebook, "every devout Hindu wants to visit Varanasi to purify body and soul in the Ganges, to shed all sin, and, if possible, to die here in old age and achieve moksha, release from the cycle of rebirth.  Descending from the Himalayas on its long course to the Bay of Bengal, the Ganges is believed by Hindus to hold the power of salvation in each drop."

Later, after breakfast back at the hotel and a tour of the hotel grounds, we were off to the airport for our short afternoon flight to Khajuraho.

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