Ranthambhore National Park--November 25, 2006--Game Drive


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After completing a morning game drive and having lunch, we went to the train station to take the train back to Delhi.  Because TransIndus had to make a switch in itinerary at the last minute, it was necessary for them to buy us train tickets from Bombay to the Golden Temple site (beyond Delhi).  This is a considerably longer journey than the one from Ranthambhore to Delhi but only a certain number of tickets are sold for shorter segments of the journey, so the travel company was forced to buy tickets for the entire route.  We were in a sleeper car compartment for the six hour ride with two other passengers.  They had started in Bombay, traveling all night. Overall, we found the quality of the trains in India to be fair.

We arrived on Saturday evening back in Delhi at the busiest train station we have ever experienced.


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