Delhi--November 26, 2006--India Gate, Presidential Palace, Qutub Minar, Baha'i House of Worship, Humayun's Tomb


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We began our Delhi touring on Sunday afternoon by first going to the wide boulevard of Rajpath to see the India Gate and the Presidential Palace and then moving on to see the Qutub Minar and finally the beautiful Humayun's Tomb complex.

During the day, we had our first experience with the beggars of the large cities of India and were mobbed by children during stops of the car.  Guides warn tourists not to give beggars anything because many more beggars will immediately appear and they will fight over whatever is given to them.  Nevertheless, the appeals were compelling and could not be denied on many occasions during the trip.

We completed the day by going to a very unusual restaurant in Delhi, Chor Bizzare (literally meaning thieves market).  It specialized in good Kashmiri food, and had very eclectic decor, with one table being a maharaja's bed  and another an antique sewing machine bench.  The salad bar was presented in a 1927 automobile.

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