Ranthambhore National Park--November 23-24, 2006--Game Drives


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For the trip, we contracted with a London agency (TransIndus) who specializes in tours of India.  We were the only two persons on the tour.  At every stop, a battery of drivers, porters, guides and administrative persons appeared like clockwork to assist us.  The tour was first class all the way.

A couple of days before departure, a TransIndus representative called to say that our original plan to go first to Corbett National Park, north of Delhi, was not advisable since the guides were on strike in that park.  We agreed to an alternative, Ranthambhore National Park, south of Delhi.  So instead of going by car to Corbett soon after our arrival in India on Thanksgiving, we went instead by train to Ranthambhore.  This almost certainly worked out for the best since we saw several tigers at Ranthambhore as the above photos attest.

A Note on the Photos: Photos were taken with an Olympus C-700 Ultra-Zoom (10x) Camera.  FrontPage 2003 and ImageWalker 2.20 were used to create these webpages.  All photos were digitally enhanced using PhotoShop Elements 4.0.  Resolution of the photos has intentionally been kept low to speed web page loading.


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