April 25 Photos

Victoria Falls

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On April 25, we were driven from Sun City to Johannesburg to catch a flight to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.  We checked into the historic Victoria Falls Hotel and explored a bit after arrival.  The views above are from the veranda, that overlooks the Victoria Falls bridge that crosses the Zambezi River and the cloud of mist from Victoria Falls.  As you walk into the room shown in the second picture, you can look ahead through a doorway, out over the verandah and onto the site of the bridge.  This is truly one of the great vistas in the world.

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In the evening before dinner, we went to a show of African dancing in the little town of Victoria Falls.  The costumes were something to see and included all sorts of animals (ostrich, elephant and crocodile) and dancers on stilts.  In the very dark pictures, one of the dancers did a routine on a rope between two very tall poles.  It looked like either the poles would fall or he would, but he survived.

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Our room at the hotel had mosquito nets.  There wasn't any need for them but it did add to the atmosphere.

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