September 5, 2003--Kamloops to Vancouver

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In the morning we left Kamloops and bussed to Vancouver.  Near the city we saw a huge floating cache of logs (285) as we passed the Fraser River before entering the city.  Arriving in Vancouver for a late lunch, we were struck by the beauty and cosmopolitan character of the city. 


Near our luncheon restaurant, we saw the steam clock toot its whistle (287) and also took a short tour of the city including the picturesque 1,000 acre Stanley Park (292-293).  Flowers seemed to be everywhere in downtown Vancouver with photo 294 showing typical landscaping. 


In the afternoon, we checked into the very modern and elegant Pan Pacific Hotel (at the five sails ornamentation in photo 288).  The hotel was extremely convenient for cruising since it permits entry to the cruise terminal from the hotel's elevators.  We were told we would go to sleep in the evening and, when we awoke, we would see our cruise ship, the Island Princess, docked outside our window.

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