September 6, 2003--Sailing on the Island Princess

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289 295 296 297 298 301 302
303 304 304A


Like clockwork, the Island Princess was docked outside our window when we awoke.  Only a couple of months old, the ship is the newest in the Princess fleet. 


In the late afternoon, we sailed, passing a huge sulphur storage area (289) and a helicopter pad (295) on the way out.  The view in 297 is from our balcony cabin looking back towards the city.  As we left the Vancouver area, we sailed under the Lions Gate Bridge, a three lane bridge built years ago by the Guinness Brewing family to provide access to land they held on the other side of the water opposite the city of Vancouver.  The ploy worked since the family made a fortune once the land was accessible; later, they sold the bridge back to the government.


At dinner that evening, we met our tablemates for the cruise--fun couples from Tennessee, Washington State and California.  Picture 304A was taken the following evening at the first formal dinner.

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