September 4, 2003--Jasper to Kamloops

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After taking a few morning shots of the Jasper Park Lodge grounds (267-269), we boarded the bus and almost immediately saw a group of elk on the road out of the lodge (270-272).  Several persons on the bus had seen elk wandering among the cottages the evening before.  Overall, we saw very little wildlife in Canada (black bear, elk, eagles).


We stopped for a picnic lunch at a picturesque location (277) and then proceeded back to Kamloops to the South Thompson Inn and Guest Ranch where we had stayed four nights before.  Along the route, we saw the devastation of the recent forest fires on both sides of the road (278-283).  Road crews were clearing burnt trees everywhere and helicopters were still spraying water on trees near the mountaintops.  Photo 279 is particularly graphic since it shows the devastation of all of the trees and the area's sawmill, the result of which destroyed the town's major source of employment.

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