August 31, 2003--Minter Gardens, Kamloops

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We left Seattle early on Sunday morning, August 31, with our tour group of twelve persons, our guide and his wife and our driver.  We had a full size bus for this small group so there was plenty of room to spread out comfortably.  Traveling north, we crossed the border into Canada and stopped soon thereafter at Minter Gardens for lunch and a tour.  Although not as famous as the Buchard Gardens at Victoria, our guide, Guy, thought Minter more impressive.  Started in 1980 by a local landscaping company who wanted to give something back to the area, the 32 acres are truly magnificent.


After lunch, we took the bus to Kamloops to the South Thompson Inn and Guest Ranch.  The ranch is patterned after a Kentucky horse farm and seems a lot like an oasis in the desert since the countryside in that area is very dry.  This inn was a substitute for the Quaaout Lodge because of forest fires in that vicinity.  We were told the owner of the inn was a dead ringer for Danny Kaye in terms of his personality and appearance and this turned out to be very accurate.  He and his staff at the inn were a lot of fun.  On our return trip, four days later, we stayed again at this inn.

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