September 1, 2003--Lake Louise

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We traveled east on the Canada Highway 1 as the mountains began to increase in size.  In mid-afternoon, we pulled into the Lake Louise area.  Our first stop was the Lake Louise Gondola to a vantage point looking back towards Lake Louise (98-99) from a height of 6,800 feet on Whitehorn Mountain.  This was a fairly long gondola ride of about fourteen minutes with some cars enclosed and others open like a ski lift.  On the way down, the lift stopped in mid-trip and the cars started to sway from the high winds.  After a five to ten minute wait, the downward journey resumed. 


We then checked into the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, the famous hotel on the lake.  The view from our room window is shown at 112.  This spot lives up to all the press; it's probably one of the most beautiful in all the world.  In the evening, we had a wonderful dinner in their main dining room overlooking the lake while being serenaded by a beautiful harp concert.



Below: Our Canadian Rockies tour group at Lake Louise.


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