Seattle--August 30, 2003--City Tour

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We signed on for a fast-paced several hour Seattle city tour (24A) on Saturday, August 30, 2003. This was unusual in that it started on a medium size bus which toured partly on land and then drove on to two ferries which took us out on the water to see a different perspective of Seattle (29-37). While on land, we saw two unusual statues out in the neighborhoods (one under a bridge (25), the other (Lenin-26) in one of Seattle's more liberal neighborhoods.  We saw Seattle's football and baseball stadiums (27-28).  Back on land we toured Bremerton (38-43) where we saw a considerable number of aircraft carriers and other Navy ships.  Later, back in Seattle, we visited Kerry Point where photos 44-49 were taken.  The TV show, Frasier, while not filmed in Seattle, does have photos of the city taken from this point. Photo 45 shows the Frank Gehry-designed music museum.


 Finally, the tour concluded with a visit to Ballard Locks (50-52).  Almost all of the points on the map were visited but there wasn't time to take many photos.

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