Seattle--August 29, 2003--Monorail, Space Needle and Pike Place Market

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We started the day with a short monorail ride from the hotel to the Space Needle (1).  We went the 600+ feet to the observation deck, took a panoramic group of photos (3-9) and followed that with a surprisingly good gourmet lunch in the Space Needle's restaurant. 


Later, we visited the original Starbucks (10-12), a coffee cafe, about thirty years old.  Because of its fame, this coffee shop has a steady stream of musical groups outside.


Next door, we browsed through the Pike Place Market where we saw flower stand after flower stand, each with incredibly beautiful flowers, all very inexpensive (13-16).  For blocks around this downtown Seattle market, departing folks were carrying large bouquets.  Finally, we visited the famous Pike Place Fish Market in the market where they not only sell all kinds of fish but put on quite a show, throwing large fish thirty feet or so over the heads of the crowd. The kids (21) and all the tourists get a big kick out of this.  Later, we found out that some of the large fish flying through the air were quite realistic fakes.

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