Santa Fe--April 30-May 2, 2007


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Santa Fe is a mixture of Native American, Mexican and European influences.  We spent two days here touring the historical sites and visiting the galleries, restaurants and shops on Canyon road, the center of its art community. See the slideshow for more commentary on Santa Fe.

A Note on the Photos: Photos were taken with an Olympus C-700 Ultra-Zoom (10x) Camera.  FrontPage 2003 and ImageWalker 2.20 were used to create these webpages.  All photos were digitally enhanced using PhotoShop Elements 4.0.  Resolution of the photos has intentionally been kept low to speed web page loading.  The number of photos taken on this trip was about half the norm since, in certain locations like Las Vegas, few photos were taken.

A Note on the Tour: Unlike most previous tours, this trip was self-arranged.  Since the west is a very large area, point to point travel was sometimes by automobile and other times by airplane (see the trip map on the opening page).  Breaking the trip up in this manner relieved the tedium of traveling large distances day-after-day by automobile.



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