William & Mary Graduation

May 13, 2001

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MVC-001F.JPG (83831 bytes) Graduates walk across campus on their way to William & Mary Hall on Sunday morning, May 13, 2001.  The James Blair statue is in the foreground; Blair was the founder and first President of William & Mary.
MVC-016F.JPG (79464 bytes) During the walk, they cross the Crim Dell Bridge.  W&M tradition says that a couple who kiss on the bridge will marry.  If they kiss, but the woman later decides it is not to be, the spell is supposed to be broken by throwing the male into the water.  If a single woman walks across the bridge alone, according to folklore, she will remain a spinster.
MVC-002F.JPG (51663 bytes) The graduation procession arrives at William & Mary Hall, site of the graduation ceremony.
MVC-003F.JPG (104723 bytes) The hall's floor is filled with 1,762 graduates, 1,255 of whom are undergraduates.
MVC-004F.JPG (43886 bytes) W&M President, Timothy Sullivan, begins the day's proceedings.  While on campus, we toured his beautiful on-campus home and chatted briefly with him at the President's Reception.
MVC-005F.JPG (48287 bytes) Madeline Albright, the former Secretary of State and the highest ranking woman ever in the US Government, is given an honorary degree.
MVC-006F.JPG (49190 bytes) John Bryan, CEO of Media General, and another honorary degree recipient, gives the principal commencement address.
MVC-009F.JPG (62789 bytes) Two proud parents, Jane and Kenney Derenthal, are seen across the arena during the proceedings.
MVC-014F.JPG (38328 bytes) The College traditionally honors an employee during the graduation.  This year, they recognized this gentleman, a veteran of over thirty years work in maintaining the beautiful grounds of the William & Mary campus.  When he left the stage, all 12,000 people in the arena gave him a standing ovation--a real high for him, his proud wife and everyone present.
MVC-011F.JPG (50875 bytes) The College Mace and the Marischal Mace are carried from the hall.  These silver objects are carried at official college convocations. One symbolizes authority and delegation to university officials; the other commemorates the 300th anniversary of the College.  W&M is the second oldest college in America.
MVC-012F.JPG (47831 bytes) Faculty leave the stage at the conclusion of the graduation.
MVC-013F.JPG (57720 bytes) The Mace leave the hall in the recessional.
MVC-015F.JPG (41616 bytes) The President of the Class of 2001 passes authority to the President of the Class of 2002.
MVC-017F.JPG (31778 bytes) Degrees are given separately in departmental breakout sessions about half an hour after the larger graduation ceremony concludes.  Here, David enters the University Center room to receive his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics.
MVC-018F.JPG (38659 bytes) Economics Department officials about to confer the degrees.
MVC-019F.JPG (31751 bytes) David receiving his degree.
MVC-020F.JPG (29687 bytes) David returning to his seat after receiving his degree.
MVC-024F.JPG (80938 bytes) Joy and her proud parents after the ceremony.
MVC-025F.JPG (72923 bytes) Eric came from North Carolina via Washington for the day.
MVC-026F.JPG (77335 bytes) David and his proud parents after the ceremony. 
MVC-027F.JPG (76150 bytes) Joy and David were all smiles after the day's proceedings.
MVC-029F.JPG (47576 bytes) Joy and David display their sheepskins.