Uglich--August 2, 2005--Transfiguration Cathedral, Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood, Sailing towards Moscow


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In Uglich, we stopped first at the Transfiguration Cathedral, built in 1713 (177-183) and then proceeded to the Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood (184-190, 198).  The town's most famous event happened in 1591 when Ivan the Terrible's heir, Dmitry, was murdered.  One story of the death said that Dmitry, an epileptic child, had died of a seizure while playing with a knife, but that story was not believed by most.  Dmitry's death inspired a power struggle for the throne , eventually won by Boris Godunov, but when he died in 1605, the Time of Troubles began.  False Dmitrys appeared in later years claiming to be the heir to no avail.  The bell that warned the village of Dmitry's stabbing is shown in photo 187.


Nearby is the Palace Chamber (191-196) which is a surviving section of the original palace built in the 15th century.  It today houses a museum of various artifacts.


Later, on the ship, we passed numerous sights as we cruised along towards Moscow, including the flooded belfry at Kalyazin (200).  Built in 1800 as part of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kalyazin, the area has since been flooded for the Uglich Hydroplant. Numerous campgrounds, sailboats and other recreational craft were encountered in this area.

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