Kizhi--July 29, 2005--Island Tour, Bridge Visit, Teatime


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This morning we visited Kizhi Island situated in the northern part of Lake Onega, Europe's second biggest lake.  The Transfiguration Cathedral (3-5, 14) was erected in 1714 in commemoration of Peter the Great's victory over the Swedes.  It has 30,000 shingles on 22 cupolas, built originally without a single nail.  The aspen wood of the shingles gives the cathedral different hues depending on the sunlight and time of day.   Additional wooden structures have been brought to the island from around the region, forming an outdoor museum of wooden architecture.  Photos 7-11 show a large home from the period. Photo 12 shows a wooden structure which housed flour--a small opening was cut in the floor to permit an animal to enter the structure to rid it of any pests attacking the flour. Photo 13 is of a typical sauna. The nearby Intercession Church (22) was available for a visit, as we completed our tour of the island.


Back on the ship in the afternoon, we took a tour of the bridge (23-26) where the captain and crew showed us around,   The Captain, Vladimir Mironov, told us that about fifty tourist vessels similar to our ship cruised the waters between St. Petersburg and Moscow in the summer.  Later, we found out that the captain's wife, Elena,  was the bartender in one of the ship's bars.  They live on the ship in the summer with their thirteen year old son.  She was anxious to get home for the winter and said they had only four more cruises after ours (two weeks each) and then they could go home for the winter so she could catch up on her sleep (she worked from 8 AM to 10 PM).


Later in the afternoon, it was teatime on deck (27-28).   The Russians are very fond of tea and this event was a very elaborate ceremony.

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