St. Petersburg--July 21, 2005--St. Isaac's Cathedral, Nevskiy Prospekt

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We began our visit to Russia by crossing the street from the Angleterre Hotel to visit St. Isaac's Cathedral (1-11), the world's third largest domed cathedral.  Designed in 1818 by Montferrand (10), it did not open until 1858.  Construction was a massive job on the then marshy land; thousands of wooden piles were sunk to support its 300,000 ton weight and its 48 huge exterior columns. 


From there we took a short walk, past the Admiralty (12), designed to house the headquarters of the Russian Navy, an important force used to control the seas and combat Sweden in centuries past.  From there, we ended up on Nevskiy Prospekt (13-16), considered the most fashionable shopping street in St. Petersburg.  Almost immediately on that street, we experienced an incident with pickpockets, but luckily nothing was taken. 


After lunch, we strolled back through a park near the Admiralty and encountered the scene in photo 17.

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