Mercedes Montaña

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1946, Hernando holding Juanher.

1948  Perhaps during a visit to their parents.....Oldest son, Paco and his sister, Mercedes holding firstborn Juanher (age 3), are ready for a day's outing with Carmelita.

1953, in front of Mercedes and Hernando's home in barrio Primero de Mayo in Bogotá.  Mercedes is holding Alvaro, not yet a year old.

1953 Juanher, about 7-8 years old, holding baby brother, Alvaro, in front of their home in Bogotá.


1957  It's easy to see the family resemblance in this mother/daughter duo.  Carmelita and Mercedes enjoy the sunshine in the front garden of Mercedes' home in Bogotá.

1957 Big smiles and matching outfits--cute!

1961, family portrait taken in Chapinero.  Left to right, Hernando, Mercedes, Alvaro (making face) and Juanher.


1962, in Cartagena, left to right, Mercedes, Juanher and Alvaro, vacationing with mama Carmelita.


1962, left to right, mama Carmelita, Celina (Hector's wife), Hector, Francisco, Myrianne (kneeling), Hernando Munoz (old friend of the Montana family), Alvaro, Mercedes and unidentified girl.

1967, in front of Mercedes and Hernando's home in barrio Pasadena, Bogotá.  Pictured are Alvaro and Mercedes.

1968, Colombian ex-president, Ospina Perez, his wife and Hernando and Mercedes at a coincidental meeting at the airport in Panama.

1969  Alvaro and Mercedes on one of their visits to Francisco or Paco.  Paco and Aura moved to Miami in 1952 with five children.  Another two children were born in Miami.

1969 Visiting at one of Miami's boat marinas are Alvaro with his mom, Mercedes, and his uncles, Alvaro and Paco.

1969  Mercedes, a gifted pianist, loved to play during family gatherings.  She also accompanied Hernando, her husband, who sang a variety of Colombian melodies.  The family always enjoyed their rendition of "Yo Tengo Unos Ojos Negros."  (I have these black eyes.)

1974 Elizabeth, Juanher, Chris, Maria and Tanya Gonzalez, in their second home in Oxnard, CA.

1974 Aura in blue print blouse next to Carmelita and Paco, enjoying a family gathering during one of their visits to Bogotá.

1975 Hernando and Mercedes enjoy an outing at one of the villages in the Bogotá countryside.

About 1986, Chris and Sasha Gonzalez, Oxnard, CA.

About 1992-3, Sasha, Juanher and Tanya Gonzalez

Sasha Gonzalez, Juanher and Maria's youngest daughter

Chris Gonzalez, Juanher and Maria's oldest son, Oxnard, CA

Elizabeth Gonzalez Thietje, Juanher and Maria's oldest daughter, Oxnard, CA

Tanya Gonzalez Doyle, Juanher and Maria's second oldest daughter, Oxnard, CA

Tanya and Kenny Doyle

Sasha Gonzalez, looking pretty in the garden, Oxnard

2002 Elizabeth Thietje, Juanher and Maria's oldest, with her two children, Annalise and Evan

2004 Annalise Thietje looking lovely and so grown up.

2004 Evan Thietje, Oxnard, CA

2004 Annalise, Evan and Elizabeth Thietje, Oxnard, CA

Sandra and Alvaro Gonzalez with Althea, Los Angeles, CA

Now Sandra and Alvaro have two more children, Alexandra and Piero, Los Angeles, CA.

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