Francisco Montaña-1961-1965


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1961  Dad's second favorite sport - the beach - kept him in good form.

1961  Paco's Chevy wagon parked next to the family home at 2820 Columbus Blvd.

1961  All together now, in the backyard of 2820 Columbus Blvd.  The Colombian-born generation are in back; the U.S. generation, Racine, WI and Miami, FL, make up the front..


1961  It's Constanza, at six, showing off her beachwear. 

1961  Mom and Dad and Colombian neighbor, stand in front of Dad's blue Mercedes and in the background, St. Theresa's Church of the Little Flower, just a few blocks from home.

1961  Mom and Dad dine Bogotá-style.  L-R: Cecilia Cano, Paco, the reigning Miss Colombia, Luis Gabriel Cano and Aura.

1962  Stepping out on Easter Sunday in our new outfits and hats crafted by Mom.

1962  Danny, Gabriel Cano, Mauricio, Dad, Edgar and Lucky dog-2820 Columbus Blvd.

1962  Mauricio joins the Air Force and is stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi, before moving on to Hamilton in San Francisco, and then Mt. Laguna, east of San Diego.

1963  It's "Granny" Constanza with a wall display of her art.  Cool shades!


1963  Edgar, 12, the Racine, Wisconsin native, looking sharp!



1963  Not to be outdone by his older bro, Danny's looking good at 10.  He and Constanza were born in Miami. 


1963  Constanza, ready for class in her St. Theresa School uniform.


1963  Mauricio (3rd from left, back row) in one of his classes, during his 4 yr. stint with the Air Force.

1963  First Communion Day for Constanza at St. Theresa School.


1963  Mom, Dad, Cristina and Victoria visit with David Arroyo and Ricky, his son.  Paco, Aura and the Arroyos were married at about the same time, and the four honeymooned together traveling in a 1930's roadster, through various small Colombian towns.

1963  Cecilia and Luis Gabriel Cano and daughter Patricia;  Danny in the background.  The Canos, close family friends, lived nearby in the Gables for many years before returning to Bogotá.

1963  During one of her visits to Bogotá, Victoria helped in a social outreach program and school, teaching and distributing food for the needy families in a small village.


1963  Victoria, a house guest of the Vilas family in Bogotá,  attended their oldest daughter Maria Lucia's wedding.  

1965  Picnics in the park, across from the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, were always tasty.  Danny and Edgar sit with Mom, and Constanza pats the new Montana pooch. 

1965  It's Christmastime in front of 907 Valencia.  The angels at the top were part of the traditional decor.  This is the last home we lived in built by Dad in Coral Gables.

1965  Edgar, sporting his "mean" look, while skateboarding on the circular driveway at 907 Valencia.

1965  Mom and Cecilia Cano in front of the Canos' home in Guatavita, Colombia.  Both of them wear the traditional ruanas.

1965  The four Montana boys L-R: Mauricio and friend , Edgar, Danny, Pacho in front of Dad's latest sports car.

1965  L-R: Edgar, Victoria, Mom, Cristina and Dad  under the palms in Coral Gables.

1965  The Montana aunts, uncles and cousins celebrate in Bogotá.  Mama Carmelita, (3rd from right) loved parties, especially if they included a hot game of Toruro, her favorite card game.

1965  Pacho receives a journalism certificate.  He studied at the University of Florida at Gainesville.


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