Francisco Montaña-1979-1981


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1979  Valerie, Monica and Mauricio visit Mom at 600 Biltmore Way. Mom and Dad downsized from 907 Valencia to a 2 bedroom condo, a few blocks away.

1979  Here is a side view of 600 Biltmore Way, also known as the Biltmore II. M&D's condo is on the 6th floor, with a wraparound balcony overlooking the pool.  They  moved to the 2nd floor, No. 206, a year or two later.


1979  David Todd is born January 24,  and a proud Grandpa visits him in St. Louis, MO, David's birthplace.

1979  A Peruvian flutist serenades Mom as she takes a break on her way to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu.  M&D took a train from Cuzco through the Urubamba Valley, and then a short hike to reach Machu Picchu, which was buried in the jungle until its discovery in 1911.

1979  It is a different temperature at this height, but Dad came well prepared to enjoy the ancient ruins.  This trip began in Bogotá, where they visited the Canos and Constanza, who was studying sculpture at the time. Then on to Quito, Lima, Buenos Aires, Iguassu Falls, Rio and Caracas.  One of their adventures included an overnight in the Motel Play Boy in Rio, not on the itinerary.  In a letter to American Express, one of the tour members, described this as a "disreputable sex-shop motel with windowless cubicles and worn mattresses."  They were more than happy to take off the next day for Caracas.

1980 David enjoys the sunshine in front of two giant rhododendrons,  which graced the entrance to Victoria and Jim's home, 1121 Surrey Hills Drive, St. Louis, Mo.

1980  And now David has a little brother, Eric Brian, born July 12, also in St. Louis.

1980  David whispering secrets to his little brother during one of our visits to M&D's condo on Biltmore Way.

1980  Proud Dad Mauricio and Erica Pilar born in Boca Raton, Florida, 3 days prior to Eric on July 9th.  The two sets of parents had not made plans to give the babies similar names.

1980  Coming to visit Mimi and Papi was always a special treat for the grandkids.  Carolyn gives Lisa, "the Yogi," some bunny ears. Lauren, Kiko, Monica and Pablo take it easy.

1980  Danny's bright smiling eyes!

1980  Carolyn shows off her giant hands, while riding in one of the floats during the Coral Gables Junior Orange Bowl Parade, a tradition for the December holidays. 

1980  Lara visits the pool at the Biltmore II, during her first visit to the States with Dad Edgar and Mom Annelise.

1980  Edgar trekking in the mountains with Lara, possibly in the French Alps. 

1980  Mom and Dad, the Canos and the Fords, friends from Colombia, on their visit to the Great Wall in mainland China.  Their itinerary also included Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Peking and Shanghai.

1980  Pictured with their hosts and other Chinese officials during their visit, the Canos, Fords, Mom and Dad were impressed with their hospitality and good will.

1981  Lauren on Prom Night visits Mimi and Papi.  Mom Cristina, also an accomplished seamstress, made Lauren's gown. A pretty picture in pink!

1981 Lauren, looking gorgeous and ready for her Junior Prom in Florida.

1981 Eric, Monica and Erica, three happy little cousins, sit poolside at Mauricio and Valerie's home in Boca Raton.

1981 Sitting in their living room in Boca Raton, Erica's big expressive eyes say it all and Mom Valerie agrees.

1981  Mom kept a complete photo history of her family.  The wall display in the condo, provided conversation, and much kidding among the kids and relatives.

1981  David Todd helps Mom water the plants at Fairlington in Arlington, VA.  Jim, Victoria and the two boys moved back to the DC area, after Jim, accepted a position with the Reagan Administration, returning to the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

1981  In October, we moved again, this time to 205 Governors Court in Falls Church, VA.  David and Eric wait by the front door ready to go for a stroll.

1981  Lara, with one of her favorite pets enjoys the sunshine in front of her Paris home.

1981  Eric, visiting Mimi and Papi in Florida. "I'm just thinking cool thoughts, " he says.

Eric and David Schoenberger at Eric's first birthday party, July 12, 1981.  Oh Boy!  Love that chocolate!

1981  It's Christmas at Mimi and Papi's and Lisa is happy to show off her leg curves.  She is quite attractive next to the tree.


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