Alvaro Montaña

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19__  On  their wedding day, Alvaro and Yvonne are surrounded by family members, L-R are Jaime, Hector,  Carmelita, Hernando, Mercedes, Yvonne, Alvaro, Eliza, Juanher, Pedro and Armando.

19__  Gabriel Montana, with his parents, Alvaro and Yvonne, is baptized in Bogotá.


19__  Alvaro, Jr. , Claudia and Juan Pablo at the_______ Church where they made their First Communion.  Yvonne, holds baby Gabriel, and Father ______ is next to Alvaro.





Yvonne, Claudia, Gabriel, Juan Pablo, Alvaro in Bogotá.

Juan Pablo with Gabriel, Alvaro, Yvonne, Claudia, Alvaro

Juan Pablo with Gabriel


Santiago reads the paper to his Mom, Yvonne.

Gabriel, Juan Pablo, Santiago and Alvaro in Bogotá.


Left to right, Yvonne's brother, Carlos, Yvonne, Alvaro with Gabriel in front, Claudia, Alvaro, Jr., Juan Pablo





Claudia's graduation, College of Optometry



Left to right, Gabriel, Alvaro, Mauricio, Santi

Left to right, Jack Jackson, Gabriel, Pacho, Yvonne, Cristina, Alvaro, Santiago

Left to right, rear, Juan Pablo, Lizbeth, Claudia, Gabriel, Alvaro, Cielo; seated, Mike, Claudia, Alvaro, Yvonne, Santi

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