Chongqing-Xi'an--September 3, 2004--Chongqing School, Shanxi History Museum


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This day was primarily a travel day, but several tour members voiced interest in visiting a Chinese school so we showed up more-or-less unannounced at this Chongqing elementary school.  The school's administration ultimately did not let us tour the school but we were able to take a few photos.  In the school corridors, we found photos of many famous personages including Washington (7) and Stalin and the young children were especially captivating (8).  We had a full school visit in Guilin a few days later but, unfortunately, no photos were permitted of the children there.


After leaving the school in the morning, we made our way to the airport and flew the 700 miles to Xi'an, a city of about 4 million persons, and once the home to China's rulers.  Upon arrival, we went to lunch at a local restaurant and were welcomed by the doorman (9).  We returned to this restaurant the next evening for a dinner show.


After lunch, we visited the Shaanxi History Museum (10-13), considered one of the best museums in China.  It gave us an excellent overview of the area, ranging from the Shang Dynasty of the 17th Century, B.C. to the Tang Dynasty, ending in 907 A.D.


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