The Trip Home

We reversed all the flights on the trip home, once again flying the Concorde, this time from London to New York in a little over three hours (leaving London at 10:30 in the morning and arriving in NYC at 9:30 the same morning).  It's amazing how blasť you get about the Concorde the second time you take it.  Vicky hobnobbed with actor, Michael Caine, a bit on the flight and later seated next to us was a couple quite dressed up, he in formal Scottish kilt and she in a beautiful sari.  During cocktails, they pulled out what looked like wedding presents and opened them.  Later we inquired and they said they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary that day, flying on the Concorde, for their first visit to America.

Overall, it was a fabulous trip with great flights, wonderful hotels, magnificent food and super guides, all of them private.  We saw many gorgeous sites and all of the animals appeared like clockwork at the game reserve.  The Africa portion of the trip was arranged by Philadelphia's Premier Tours (215-893-9966), specialists in trips to Africa.  They put together a super package.

 It's a trip we will long remember.

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