Final Thoughts


We covered a great deal of territory on this 23 day trip and the weather was generally excellent, particularly for September, in that part of the world.  We were also struck by the number of transportation modes we experienced.  They included:

  1. Jet planes

  2. Small plane

  3. Helicopter

  4. Regular trains

  5. Narrow gauge train

  6. Regular busses

  7. School bus

  8. Snocoach

  9. Autos

  10. Vans

  11. Horse

  12. Horse drawn carriage

  13. River raft

  14. Cruise ship

  15. Catamaran

  16. Small boat

  17. Dog sled

Much of the territory we visited is considered among the most beautiful in North America and some might say, the world.  When one stands in front of Lake Louise and sees the majesty of all that God created, one thinks scenery doesn't get any better than this. 


For those who have seen many of these sights, we hope these pages brought back fond memories; for those yet to go, we encourage you to do so before some of these natural beauty spots disappear.


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