September 16, 2003--Mt. McKinley to Anchorage

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696 698 699 700A 700B 700C 700D
701 701A 701B


In the morning we had time for another couple of excursions.  The first was a flight to Mt. McKinley involving a flight tour of the South face, past Mt. Foraker and Mt. Hunter before landing on Ruth Glacier (682-685).  This was spectacular scenery as the photos attest (656-699). 


The second excursion was to Bill Hall's Iditarod Kennel (700A-700D) where he demonstrated the intricacies of preparing for the race, including how he has analyzed each phase of the contest to cut seconds or minutes from the time (much like an efficiency expert in an office).


After the excursions, we had a little time in the town of Talkeetna where we visited the ranger station and noted the board summarizing the Mt. McKinley climbers that made it to the summit this year (701).  Then walking around town, we saw what must be the world's smallest gift shop (701A) and finally concluded the visit by kissing a moose (701B).


Finally,  we reboarded the Midnight Sun Express at the Talkeetna station and made our way to Anchorage while having dinner on the train.  We arrived there in the early evening and made our way to the Hotel Captain Cook in downtown Anchorage.

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